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What needs to be done till the alpha release?

  • Fix Ical Support.
  • Render recurring events immediately after an event was created, not just on page load.
  • Review Security (specifically user access rights to events)
    • Make use of SEC_createToken, SEC_checkToken to preven CSRF attacks.

Future plans/improvements:

  • When Geeklog moves to PHP 5.3 (or earlier, as time permits) switch to using MySQL Datetime types. PHP 5.3's enhanced DateTime class makes the switch easier.
  • Conversion script to convert existing Geeklog calendars to Calendarv2.
  • Use PHP's locale settings for Day of Week, Month Names, etc instead of the language file [1]


  • AEvents Class
    • Should the _events array be an associative array with the events' EIDs as keys?
  • Event Class
    • Should the class be aware of whether the event already exists in the DB? That way it know which of "update_to_database" and "save_to_database" function is appropriate?
    • Should the class be aware of whether the event is the moderation or event table? That way the "modify" and "modify_moderation" functions wouldn't be necessary (the class would know the appropriate table automatically).
  • addslashes is used extensively to sanitize input. Should Geeklog's filter routines be used instead in places?
  • upload.php -- mentioned in a previous email, but we should be using the upload.class.php that comes with Geeklog.
  • Geeklog allows the use of InnoDB tables. The calendar should use whatever table type the rest of Geeklog is using.