Crowdsourcing Translations

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What is it?

This is a plugin that allows "crowdsourcing" the translation of Geeklog, i.e. once installed, it allows users to contribute translations of Geeklog's user interface texts for other languages.

This is a being developed by Benjamin Talic as a project during the Google Summer of Code 2013.

Design Decisions

  • Any logged-in user should be able to contribute a translation
  • Ideally, the plugin should also allow translations of plugins (bundled and 3rd party). We'll start with core texts but try to keep things generic, adding plugin support later when possible.


  • Ideally, translators should be able to see the text strings in context to help with the translation.
    • If that turns out not to be possible, we'll show them without context.
  • It's acceptable if the translation option slows things down. If it slows down things noticably, add a "translation mode", so users can decide between using the site normally or helping with the translation.

To Be Decided

  • Should users be able to freely create new languages? Or do we need some sort of approval process?