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These are new and not fully fleshed-out ideas for the Google Summer of Code. Contributions welcome!

  • Site Migration for PostgreSQL and/or MS SQL
  • Database Migration: Switch from Postgres to MySQL or MS SQL or the other way around
  • E-Mail Subsystem: Geeklog sometimes has to send out a lot of emails. Instead of sending them all at once (and running into timeouts), we could queue them and send them out in batches.
  • Facebook Connect: Allow users to login to a Geeklog site with their Facebook Account. Could become part of the Social Networking Features Project.
  • Multi-site Setup: Run several websites off of one codebase. There's a hack for that, but it's a pain for upgrades.
  • Continuation of the Configuration GUI project from GSoC 2007: more fine grained access to the Configuration; review what we have - what's missing, what needs to be improved, moved around, etc.
  • Admin toolbox: A collection of mini-plugins for admin tasks (e.g. reset stats, change a default setting for all users, etc.). Should have super easy install, e.g. just drop (upload?) a file in a predefined directory.

As we flesh out these ideas, they will be moved to their own pages and linked to from our GSoC Start Page.