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State reason for redesign here.

If you would like to help out, a good starting point is reading about the process another CMS went through redesigning their website. See: A Tour of the Redesigned

We also suggest that you join our Development Mailing List and introduce yourself. This list is the best place for any questions or discussions related to the redesign.

Below is a list of proposed changes/ideas to the current website.

Adding Ideas

When adding a new idea, please keep these things in mind:

  • Include you name in brackets at the end of your idea.
  • At the moment these are mainly point form ideas. As they develop we will be creating new wiki pages for each individual idea.

Also, when adding an idea, please consider volunteering your time to help develop it!



A list of proposed pages....


  • What is the purpose of the homepage?
    • I think we should showcase Geeklog more and explain why you should use Geeklog for your website while still making it easy for visitors to find support, plugins etc. (Tom)

Support Us

  • This page could list a number of ways community members could get involved. This can include Documentation, Theme development, Coding, Supporting Community members, and Financially. (Tom)


Theme ideas here ...


  • Create a bounty on too have someone step forward to develop a theme based on our design goals. (Tom)
  • Use a website like to advertise our theme bounty. (Tom)


The new forum layout. The sentence after the Category or Forum topic is the description. The information in brackets contains the old topic and other information.

General Discussions - Lets discuss Geeklog.

  • General Geeklog Discussions - General discussion about anything related to Geeklog.
  • You and your Sites - Introduce yourself and/or show off your Geeklog site. (Previously My Geeklog Site)
  • Geeklog Related Sites: Post sites related to Geeklog. (Previously Sites)
  • Off-Topic - Post anything, news, jokes, anything unrelated to Geeklog allowed.
  • Feedback - Give feedback or post suggestions. (same as Feedback)

Support - Need help?

  • General Support - Geeklog and install support. (Combining General Help and Installation)
  • Plugin Support - Help and support with any Geeklog plugin. (Previously Plugin Help)
  • Theming Support (previously Themes)
  • Documentation, Tips & Tricks - Post instructions, tips and tricks for beginners. (non wiki related, or maybe a sticky topic pointing to the wiki for beginners)

Extensions - Information on non-core Geeklog extensions.

  • Plugins - Announce your Plugin and talk about it's development and features.
  • Themes - Announce your Theme and talk about it's development and features.
  • PHP Blocks - Announce your PHP Block and talk about it's development and features.
  • Cool Hacks - Announce your Hack and talk about it's development and features.

Development & Coding - Information on developing Geeklog and it's core components

  • GL 1.x - General discussion for developers on Geeklog.
  • Plugins - General discussion for developers on Geeklog Core Plugins.
  • Themes - General discussion for developers on Themes bundled with Geeklog
  • GSOC - Google Summer of Code discussions.

International Support & Translations - Support and information for Geeklog in other languages. (List of a bunch of languages other then English, e.g. Dutch, French, Japanese, Chinese, German, etc. Maybe sticky topic in language pointing to support site. Moderator from support site)

  • Dutch
  • French
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Japanese