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Note: The installation instructions here are in a state of disarray after a recent restructuring effort. Please help us clean things up. In the meantime, if you are about to install Geeklog, please refer to the installation instructions that ship with Geeklog.

  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
    1. System Requirements
    2. New Installation
      1. Directory Hierarchy
      2. Pre-Installation Checklist (also see: InstallChecklist14)
      3. Installation Instructions (also see: InstallInstruct14)
    3. Upgrading
      1. Pre-Upgrade Checklist
      2. Upgrade Instructions
    4. Common Problems
      1. Installation Problems
      2. Post-Installation Problems (also see: InstallPost14)
    5. FAQ
    6. The Geeklog Configuration File (also see: ConfigFile14)
  3. Administration
  4. User's Documentation
  5. Programmers/Developers Documentation

Main Table of Contents
Complete Table of Contents