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(Installation - System Requirements)
(Installation - System Requirements)
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## Apache Web Server
## Apache Web Server
## Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server)
## Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server)
# PHP 5.6.4 or higher with the following extensions
# PHP v5.6.4 or higher (including PHP 7) with the following extensions
## mbstring Extension
## mbstring Extension
## bzip2 Extension
## bzip2 Extension

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Installation - System Requirements

The system requirements for installing Geeklog v2.2.1 (the last time the requirements changed) and later are as follows:

  1. Web server - one of the following
    1. Apache Web Server
    2. Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server)
  2. PHP v5.6.4 or higher (including PHP 7) with the following extensions
    1. mbstring Extension
    2. bzip2 Extension
    3. mysql or mysqli Extension (To enable MySQL support)
    4. pgsql Extension (To enable Postgresql support)
    5. OpenSSL Extension (To enable the Geeklog OAuth Login process)
    6. JSON Extension (For Filemanager and Database tools)
    7. fileinfo (To enable thumbnail creation of images in articles) (for IIS only as fileinfo is integrated into Apache)
    8. cURL (Not required but recommended for the reCaptcha plugin)
  3. Database server - one of the following
    1. MySQL 4.1.3 or higher (MySQL 5 recommended)
    2. Postgresql 9.1.7 or later
  4. The ability to create a new database or to have access to an existing one