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  1. Overview of Auth_Enterprise
  2. Quick Glossary of Terms
  3. Run Down of Features
  4. System Requirements
    1. Auth_Enterprise Server Requirements
    2. Auth_Enterprise Client Requirements
      1. PHP5 Client Requirements
      2. PHP4 Client Requirements
      3. Java Clent Requirements
      4. Mono/C# Requirements
  5. Installation
    1. Installing the Auth_Enterprise Server
      1. The Auth_Enterprise Server Configuration File
    2. Installing Auth_Enterprise Clients
      1. Installing the PHP5 Client
      2. Installing the PHP4 Client
      3. Installing the Java Client
      4. Installing the Mono/C# Client

PEAR::Auth_Enterprise a flexible system for authenticating users and determining what each authenticated user has access to. A PEAR Package, Auth_Enterprise provides a central service for implementing application security and it has been built to support any programming language that supports some form of web services (XMLRPC or SOAP).