Preventing anonymous users from editing Geeklog

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To prevent anonymous users from editing Geeklog:

  1. In config.php, set "submitloginrequired", "commentsloginrequired", "comment_code" to '1'
  2. In config.php, set "disable_new_user_registration" to 'true'. This is essential because someone familiar with Geeklog would be able to access the "Create new user" page by requesting the page directly. By disabling registration, the page will be defunct and the administrator will still be able to create a new user in the Admin panel. Leave this as 'false' if you only want to force visitors to register before making changes to your site.
  3. In the language file, remove item (i.e. from the quotes only; keep the actual line) 24 of "$LANG08" (this may not be necessary; I haven't tested the settings with the line still intact -J)
  4. If you want to allow new users to get accounts, you may want to add a story or static page to your site which tells them to contact the website administrator (or whoever else) to request an account.

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