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Accounts that provide access to Geeklog's Mercurial repository are given out by invitation (or to GSoC students). Since the Mercurial repository is hosted on a server sponsored by pair Networks, we will have to ask their support to actually create these accounts.

Note that Geeklog switched from CVS to Mercurial some time ago, but you'll still find the occasional reference to CVS here and there. In most cases, it's just not worth the effort to change it ...


Once you know your account name and initial password, use SSH to log into the server. From the command line, that would be


(replacing 'username' with your provided username, of course). Windows users can use PuTTY or some other SSH client.

Changing the password

Use the passwd command to change your initial password. Simply enter


and follow the instructions.

Please make sure to remember your new password and/or note it down in a safe place. If you forget your password, we will have to ask support to reset it.

Creating a .hgrc file

You should create a file named .hgrc (with the dot) in your home directory that contains the following lines:

users = geeklog2
groups = users

This will ensure, among other things, that notification emails can be sent properly to the geeklog-cvs mailing list.

And that's all - there isn't really anything else that you can do with this account.