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There are a number of core GL features and plugins that send out email notifications and each plugin or module has to develop their own code. There is no central area for the site admin or members to moderate what they can receive notifications for or how they want them handled.

There is also the need to add new levels of alerting or allow alerting of additional site events.

Many plugins would require a more basic level of notification services and others like the forum allow a user to subscribe to a topic or complete forum. If they have subscribed to a complete forum, they can selectively un-subscribe to some topics. The same level of control may be needed for stories, where a user can subscribe to a complete site but then un-subscribe to certain topics or stories by a certain user.

Support for:

  • Alert Classification (admin, general, error ...)
  • Alert Type (core, plugin ...)
  • Alert Subtype (module specific)

Only Root or plugin Admin's have access to the admin and error type notifications but this should be a configurable mapping option and controllable via the online notification service admin.

Users should be able to determine how they want to receive their notifications.

  • Admin wants to be emailed on all admin and error notifications
  • Admin wants to receive daily digest of all other notifications
  • User wants daily digest of all notifications