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This is an old project idea for our (now defunct) sister project, AptitudeCMS (aka Geeklog 2). This project outline is therefore only of historical interest and you can not apply for this project in future instances of the Google Summer of Code. Please see our ideas page for a current list of GSoC project ideas.


Today with sites like Google Maps, Yahoo! Maps and Mapquest there is often a desire to integrate with those sites. While such sites already provide an API for integration, they can take unfamiliar developers a long to learn and the API's differ between sites. This project would create a single mapping API provide a small number of very powerful features that would make integration into such services easier for the PHP developer just wanting to get things done.

The goal here is simplicity. Make common mapping features easy to implement in a PHP application while preventing the developer to become an expert with the mapping API's themselves.


  • Identify a set of mapping features of most use to PHP developers who would want to integrate with a mapping service yet not have to learn an entire API.
  • Research the existing mapping API's provided by Google, Yahoo!, et. al and develop a PHP interface to support the above goal.
  • Implement the interface using both Yahoo! and Googles API.
  • Implement a web service that exposes this API.
  • What else (Justin)

Level of Difficulty


This project doesn't involve a lot of User Inteface and CSS work so for those who have a solid PHP background but struggle to make things "pretty" this is right up your ally.

Further Reading