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The internet contains nearly as much Spam as it does HTML. A new generation of web applications must start out from their infancy iron-clad with defences against Spam. Geeklog2 is no exception. The objective of this project is to develop a plugin for the Geeklog2 system to provide spam filtering.


  • Implement a Geeklog2 plugin to provide an API for spam filtering
  • Include an extensible framework (like Spam-X) for extending the abilities of the spam filter
  • Include modules to support key anti-spam systems including
    • LinkSleeve
    • Akismet
    • Project Honey Pot
    • SWOT
    • Local blacklists
    • Bad Behavior

Level of Difficulty


The Spam-X approach, with the full OO world of PHP5 seems to be a good base approach, and we have code to talk to the above listed key anti-spam projects largely available. However, ensuring this is a performant, scaleable, extensible, maintainable and well implemented solution may pose some challenges.

Further Reading