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Implement the website analytics API from and develop a set of core API's so that both the CORE GL modules and plugins can generate metrics for usage and performance related stats.


  • Develop a set of core API services
  • Add support for plugins
  • Add calls so all core GL modules are instrumented
  • Develop the admin interface to control what level of detail and modules will have data collected.
  • Develop the reports that are needed. Need tabular and some graphical reporting with export to Excel. Investigate how other projects have implemented the same API and also explore the Google Analytics application for inspiration.

Level of Difficulty


This project will require someone to spend time understanding how the core GL plugin API works.

Students need some User Interface design experience and ability to create graphical and tabular reports.

Student needs to spend time installing other popular plugins to get a good understanding of the types of data metrics to collect and how plugins will best use this new service.