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The Webservices API provides an interface for client software to talk directly to Geeklog and perform certain operations. Typical usage would be to use a desktop client to publish and edit stories without having to visit the website.

The Webservices in Geeklog 1.5 are based on the Atom Publishing Protocol. Other protocols could be implemented and added to be used in parallel (see Webservices API for technical details).

Setting things up

When configuring a client that supports the Atom Publishing Protocol (aka Atompub), you will usually be asked for a service document or an introspection URL. Both terms refer to the same thing, so the following will work for both:

On a standard Geeklog install at, say,, the URL of the service document would be:

If your webserver is not set up to serve an index.php by default, you may have to use this URL instead:

The service document provides all the information the Atompub client needs. You will only have to give your username and password as well (for your regular login to your Geeklog site).