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This page is a placeholder to document the media upload and access API that is being developed as a part of GSoC 2009.

Progress Tracker

Feature Status Details Notes
Update the service document to accept image types In progress The service document should indicate that it accepts images. When image data is posted to the collection, it should be accepted and a "success" response should be returned. (In the backend, it can simply perform a no-op at this time.)
Backend changes required to store images Unstarted There are some database and backend changes required to store the uploaded images and make them available for use.
Update the service document to return the complete list of images available (when requested) Unstarted The complete list of images stored in the gl_article_images table should be accessible via WS so that they can be edited or used in articles.
Allow editing of image metadata using the webservices API Unstarted Some information related to the image can be changed later and the webservices API should support this.
Support additional filters for retrieving list of images (optional) Unstarted The API might be able to support additional filters, such as getting only recent images, fetching thumbnails etc. These might be interesting features to look into.