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By default, Geeklog uses the timezone that is configured for your webserver. To change the timezone for your website, you need to enable timezone support in the Configuration. Go to

Configuration > Geeklog > Languages and Locale > Locale

and enable the "Timezone" option. It will display a dropdown of the available timezones (in Geeklog versions prior to 1.6.1, you'll see a text entry field, i.e. you have to type in the timezone to use).


For timezone support to work, one of the following requirements must be met, i.e. you need either

  • PHP 5.1.0 (or later) or
  • an Apache webserver and PHP with "safe_mode" turned off

The latter option is known as the Timezone Hack and has been integrated into Geeklog since version 1.3.10. Geeklog 1.6.1 added the former option (requirement for PHP 5.1.0), which usually works more smoothly.

User Timezone

As of Geeklog 1.6.1, users can change their timezone, if the timezone support has been enabled for the site. Go to

My Account > Layout & Language > Misc Settings

and select your preferred timezone from the dropdown.

Note: This dropdown has been present in earlier Geeklog versions but wasn't used.

Timezone Cookie

Selecting a timezone for the account will also set a timezone cookie. Please note that this cookie is also used when you are not logged into the site. The same is true for the theme cookie, so that you can see the site with your preferred theme and timezone, even when you are not logged in.