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functions.inc [[Functions.inc_-_Listing_of_the_Plugin_Functions]]
functions.inc [[Functions.inc_-_Listing_of_the_Plugin_Functions]]
install_defaults.php [[]]
install_defaults.php [[Install_Defaults]]

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To allow your plugin to be automatically installed by a user from the repository, you must develop it (or convert it) to use the autoinstall.php method of installation.

You must follow the Directory Layout for your plugin as outlined here Suggested_and_Required_Directory_Layout_and_Files.

As well, there are four files that must be included in the root directory of your plugin archive. These files are:

autoinstall.php Plugin_Autoinstall

autouninstall.php Plugin_Auto-Uninstall

functions.inc Functions.inc_-_Listing_of_the_Plugin_Functions

install_defaults.php Install_Defaults