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New Ideas

These are new and not fully fleshed-out ideas for the Google Summer of Code. Please note that these ideas are not directly eligible for GSoC as they are. They can be used as the starting point for a proper proposal, though, or for your inspiration if you'd like to submit a project idea of your own.

  • Site Migration for PostgreSQL and/or MS SQL
  • Database Migration: Switch from Postgres to MySQL or MS SQL or the other way around
  • E-Mail Subsystem: Geeklog sometimes has to send out a lot of emails. Instead of sending them all at once (and running into timeouts), we could queue them and send them out in batches. This queue should allow for other job types as well.
  • Facebook Connect: Allow users to login to a Geeklog site with their Facebook Account. Could become part of the Social Networking Support Project.
  • Multi-site Setup: Run several websites off of one codebase. There's a hack for that, but it's a pain for upgrades.
  • Admin toolbox: A collection of mini-plugins for admin tasks (e.g. reset stats, change a default setting for all users, etc.). Should have super easy install, e.g. just drop (upload?) a file in a predefined directory.
  • Migration from/to other systems is always a hot topic. How could we make that easier?
  • Multi user blogs: Geeklog can handle blogs of several users, actually, if you give one topic to a user then it is almost unlimited. There are a few existing discussions on the forum and also feature requests concerning the improvement of user blogs. E.g. read only topics, using GL for a large site with many users. Basically it is a native function of GL but it need some improvement.
  • Add shopping cart and/or e-commerce functionality to Geeklog (in the form of a plugin). Using an existing open source shopping cart or e-commerce web application would probably be a good idea, but the result should be fully integrated with Geeklog's security model (related forum discussion)

Leftover Ideas

This is a list of other ideas for projects for the Google Summer of Code that have been tossed around in previous years but did not seem so important at this point in time.

If you plan to apply for one of these projects you should provide a good use case. Otherwise, these ideas could serve as a starting point for your own project idea.