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Having used CVS since its inception, Geeklog switched to Mercurial after the release of Geeklog 1.5.1. This switch was preceded by a successful experiment using Mercurial during the 2008 Google Summer of Code. The distributed model did fit this scenario nicely, as each of our students was working on a separate feature. So they had a local repository to check in to (giving them all the benefits of a version control system). Once a feature or part of a feature was done, it could be pushed back to the parent repository. And in the meantime, it was easy to let other people, e.g. their mentor or interested members of the Geeklog community, pull the changes from the student's repository to show things off or get help on a problem.

GSoC Repositories


For the 2009 Google Summer of Code, each student working on Geeklog got their own repository:


The repository shared by Matt, Sami, and Jared during the 2008 Google Summer of Code is still available from

Note that both the URL and the repository name have changed (formerly Geeklog-SoC). You can still use your local copies of that repository - you only need to update the default-push setting to the new address and name.

Aman's work on a Mailman plugin is available from a separate repository: