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The MailMan program is one of the most commonly used programs for adminstrating mailing lists and is usually the only installed solution on a hosted service.

MailMan is used to maintain list subscriptions where users can self register and un-register. The lists are then used for email either as a normal or moderated email list for automatic distribution or a closed use list that can only be used by moderators.

MailMan is written in Python while Geeklog is written in PHP but there is presently a MailMan project to develope a set of REST API's

Need to further investigate where the MailMan project is on this initiative and if they would like to do a joint SOC project.


Develop a set of MailMan wrappers for the REST api's Develop a MailMan plugin Integrate the subscriber list admin features (add/remove) into the GL member profile MailMan password can be sync'ed with GL password List Admin Features to manage lists

- Add/Delete List (support for multiple lists)
- List Types: Public, private (GL Groups) and moderated
- Add/Remove Subscribers
- Import in subscribers
- Subscribers can be GL members and non-site members
- Moderate Lists
- Use list to send out newsetters, notifications (mailings)
- Support for HTML and text mailings

Options: 1) Add support for as much control as possible over the pages the user would go to in order to subscribe and un-subscribe. It would be nice to always have site control over the look and feel for all the pages the user would be directed to.

2) Support for both automatic registration/un-registration based on email address and authenticated mode that requires an email confirmation.