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Geeklog's unit test suite is run automatically after commits to the main Geeklog repository. This functionality is powered by Hudson. Here's a quick description of the procedure to update Hudson:

Upgrading Hudson

  1. log into Hudson
  2. click on the Manage Hudson link (proper permissions required)
  3. see if it offers any updates
  4. if it does, click on the "Upgrade Automatically" button
  5. wait for the download to finish

Now, unlike on some other systems, Hudson has to be restarted manually to actually use the upgrade you just downloaded:

  1. log into the server, using the project management account (not your user account)
  2. do a ps ax | grep java to get the pid of the currently running Hudson process
  3. kill it (may take a few seconds to shut down)
  4. go to the home directory and call up ./hudson.start to re-start Hudson
  5. don't panic, as it takes a few seconds for Hudson to come back up

Upgrading Plugins

Upgrading Hudson plugin works pretty much the same way. The only difference is that you go to

Manage Hudson > Manage Plugins

to check for available updates.