Upgrading Mantis

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The Geeklog Bugtracker is running Mantis. Here are some tips for upgrading Mantis:

Upgrading Mantis

  1. log into the project account for the server
  2. follow the upgrading instructions

Additional Steps

  1. As long as this bug has not been addressed, apply the "quick fix" I posted there to core/bug_revision_api.php
  2. Copy the Geeklog favicon from images/favicon.ico to the same location in the new directory (overwriting the one that ships with Mantis).
  3. Add the "Hosted by pair.com" line to core/html_api.php (copy from previous version; search for "webmaster_email") to honor our agreement with our sponsor.
  4. Cosmetics: In core/user_api.php search for "identicon" and replace it with "wavatar" (see this feature request).