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Author: TomW with modifications by John Hughes

Latest Version: 1.3

Geeklog Version: 1.3.8

Release Date: 09-2003


The Stats plugin provides a complete visitor reporting and tracking program.

On each page access it records: userid, username, user_agent, IP, host, browser type, computing platform,

   date and time, page viewed, referer, request type, and query_string.

You can drill through all the report pages until you get to the individual accesses behind the statistics.

Nearly all summary numbers are click-able.

All URLs are click-able.

Whenever a story, comment, or static page is displayed the title is displayed not the URL. These are

   click-able so that you can go directly to them.

You trace every click of each of your visitors and their path through the website.

You can associate users to IPs.

The privilege system allows you to open up the statistics viewer to some or all of your users.

You can open up non-sensitive portions of the statistics to anonymous users.

Visitor Stats Block takes the place of Who's Online block and show daily stats - # of visitors # of pageviews registered users, new users and referers.

The IP of anonymous visitors takes you to an online whois lookup on this ip.

Links: Support Forum Download CVS