Admin and User Menu Functions

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If you want your plugin to effect the Admin and User Function blocks that show up on every Geeklog page then you must implement these functions.

Table 2. Admin and User functions
Function Description of Function
plugin_adminoptions_<plugin name> Will show options under the Admin Functions block for your plugin
plugin_getuseroption_<plugin name> Will show options under the User Functions block for your plugin
plugin_adminedit_<plugin name> Shows the links at the top of admin/plugins/<plugin name>.php for New and Admin Home. This is for consistency sake only
plugin_submissioncount_<plugin name> Shows the number of submissions pending for you plugin.  This is usually just "dbcount(<plugin name>submission);"
plugin_cclabel_<plugin name> Returns array of your plugin image and a label for your plugin.  This is called to show your plugin in the command and control block on moderation.php