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Content / Functionality

This block lists all the Administrator functions that are available for the current user, and a number of the function's contents after that (where "N/A" usually means that there is nothing to be counted here, e.g. for the Mail Users option).

Available Admin functions also include those provided by the installed plugins. The exact list of available functions depends on the current user's permissions.


The content is determined by the user's permissions and additional plugins that might be installed.

  • The Name of the Block can be changed in the block-settings.
  • Other options are available from Configuration > Geeklog > Blocks:
    • whether to sort the links alphabetically or not (note that "Submissions" will always be the first link)
    • whether a link to the Geeklog documentation should be included or not
    • whether a link to the Geeklog version checker should be included or not