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Unlike other CMS, Geeklog does not have an archive for older stories. Old stories are always "there" - they just drop off of the index page, but can still be reached by browsing to previous pages or by using the search.

Having said that: Geeklog's Archive Topic provides functionality similar to a story archive. In the Topics Editor, you can make one of the available topics your archive topic. Stories listed under this topic will

  • not be featured
  • not show up on the index page (but only on the topic index page)
  • be rendered using the archivestorybodytext.thtml and archivestorytext.thtml template files

Stories under the archive topic will therefore be somewhat separated from normal stories.

Auto-archiving stories

In the Story Editor, you will find an option to automatically archive a story at a given date and time. When activated, this will move the story to your archive topic when the specified time comes. This option will also automatically demote featured stories to normal stories and remove them from your site's front page (they will only be listed on your archive topic's index page, as described above).