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A changelog file is a list of all changes in a software project. Geeklog's changelog file is called history and located in public_html/docs/history. The file is maintained manually, using the following guidelines:


  • plain text
  • 80 characters per line
  • latest changes first
  • separate sections for core and plugin changes (core first, one section per plugin)


  • if a change was made to fix a bug or implement a requested feature, add the issue number from our bugtracker, e.g.
    Fixed foo handling in bar plugin (bug #0012345)
  • give credit where credit is due
    • the person(s) making the change should add their name in square brackets at the end of the change description
    • if the change was mainly the act of applying a patch, credit should go to the author of the patch
    • use common sense

Getting a list of changes

A (raw) list of changes that went into a specific Geeklog version can be acquired through a script.