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Author: TomW

Latest Version: 1.1

Geeklog Version: 1.3.6

Release Date: 12-02-2002


Geeklog Contact Plugin v 1.1 Features:

  • Many to Many relationship between people and companies: This allows one person to be associated with several companies and one company to be associated with several individuals.
  • Multiple views: You can view and search contacts in either a compact or full view. The compact view is configurable by the user.
  • Built in print view.
  • Sortable and Seachable: Built in sorting and searching of contacts.
  • Highly configurable: On both a site wide and individual level.
  • Completely Geeklog Permission aware: Each contact record fully uses the Geeklog Security model. The site admin can determine whether or not anonymous users can view contacts.
  • Integrated into the Geeklog Menu System: On user and site wide level.
  • Integrated help system.
  • Web based administration for all common options. The site admin will only have to edit the config file for major customization. The site admin can change ownership of individual contacts from the web interface.
  • Integrated Geeklog Searching.

Links: Support Forum Download CVS