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Variable Default Value Description
user_html <p>, <b>, <i>, <a>, <em>, <br>, <tt>, <hr>, <ol>, <ul>, <li>, <code>, <pre> HTML tags and attributes that normal users are allowed to use in story submissions and comments.
admin_html additional HTML tags, e.g. for tables HTML tags and attributes that admin users are allowed to use (in addition to those from user_html). Redefining a tag with additional attributes will overwrite the definition from user_html.
allowed_protocols array ('http:', 'https:', 'ftp:'); Defines which protocols are allowed in links (i.e. HTML <a> tags).
Note: The kses class used to filter these protocols has a hard-coded list of allowed protocols to which the above will be added. It is currently not possible to remove any of the default protocols (which include, for example, 'mailto:', 'gopher:', and 'news:').
censormode 1 Censor submissions and comments (0=no, 1=yes)
censorreplace *censored* Text to replace a censored word with
censorlist array("fuck", "cunt", "fucker", "fucking", "pussy", "cock", "c0ck", "cum", "twat", "clit", "bitch", "fuk", "fuking", "motherfucker") An array of censored words
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