Database Settings

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Variable Default Value Description
_DB_dbms mysql Do not change! This tells Geeklog that it's dealing with a MySQL database - and currently, that is the only type of database that is supported.
_DB_host localhost Database Server (to be entered in the form: hostname:port:unixsocket. In most cases you won't need to change the default value.
_DB_name geeklog Database Name
_DB_user root Database User Account
_DB_pass null Database User Password
_DB_table_prefix gl_ Allows you to change the default table names for Geeklog. Changing this would allow you to run several Geeklog Systems from one database. However, you must make sure that all plugins also make use of this prefix.
_DB_mysqldump_path /usr/bin/mysqldump Complete path to the mysqldump utility (part of MySQL) for making backups of your Geeklog database
allow_mysqldump 1 Enable or disable the backup functionality (1 = on, 0 = off)
mysqldump_options -Q Here you can include additional options for the mysqldump call that Geeklog uses to create a backup from your database.