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What is it?

We're providing a "ready to roll" development environment for Geeklog and AptitudeCMS in a VMware image that includes

  • Ubuntu Linux as the operation system
  • Apache Web Server
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Mercurial and Subversion
  • checked-out repository for Geeklog
  • pre-installed version of Geeklog

We hope that in providing this environment, we make it easier for those interested in working on Geeklog and AptitudeCMS to start developing without having to install all the required tools first.

Getting things up and running

Downloading the VM image

The URL for the image will be provided on request (due to bandwidth limitations - it's about 1 GB). Requests for the URL can be sent to <contact-us AT lists DOT geeklog DOT net>. Download and unpack it using bzip2 and tar.

Get a Virtual Machine

Most providers of virtual machine software provide a free version with minor (or no) limitations. Try one of these:

  • VirtualBox from Sun, available for Linux, Solaris, Mac OS X, and Windows
  • VMware Player from VMware, available for Linux and Windows
  • VMware Server from VMware, available for Linux and Windows

Follow the installation instructions for the software you chose. When asked for the image to use, select the "primaryMaster.vmdk" file from the GeeklogVM.tar.bz2 archive.

First Steps