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Distribution of your plugin should be in a tarball with specific naming requirements.

{plugin}_{plugin version}_{geeklog version}.tar.gz

Thus a plugin with the name of 'wow version 1.0' and made for Geeklog 1.3.7 would be named:


The directory structure within the tarball is also standardized. All files should be contained in a directory with the name you have chosen for your plugin. This directory will contain your plugins function.inc and should also have at least a README document describing your plugin and an INSTALL document describing its installation. Within that directory there should be at least two more directories. The admin directory should contain install.php and the admin index.php. The public_html directory should contain your main index.php, all the other files your plugin uses, as well as the image directory which must contain at least the image for your plugin.

After your plugin tarball is packaged and ready for distribution, you should make it available to the Geeklog community. Upload it to www.geeklog.net along with a story describing its function. If you have your own website, you should also post it there.

Now just set back and enjoy the accolades and jeers and complaints.

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