External Pages Plugin

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Author: TomW

Latest Version: 1.0

Geeklog Version: 1.3.6

Release Date: 12-02-2002


This plugin allows pages external to geeklog to participate in Geeklog security, searches, and statistics.


  • External Pages can participate fully in Geeklog Security.
  • External Pages are search-able through Geeklogs Search -- even dynamic pages.
  • Access to external pages is recorded in a hit counter and External pages are added to the Geeklog Statistics Page.
  • External Pages that have the code added to them are automatically added to the system the first time they are accessed.
  • Templates are provided for creating pages that contain php or php and html and for pages that contain the Geeklog header and footer and those that do not.

To accomplish this a small code snippet must be added to the top of each external page. I provide templates to make this easy.

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