FrOSCon 2007 Agenda

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Agenda for the Geeklog Day at FrOSCon 2007

We'll keep our schedule in sync with the main conference program so that people can visit other talks / presentations without having to switch rooms in the middle of a session.

Sessions (both in the main conference and for the Geeklog Day) are 45 minutes, followed by some room for discussion.

Preliminary(!) program for August 25, 2007

10:00h (10am)

Address of welcome & An Introduction to Geeklog
(Dirk Haun)

A brief introduction of Geeklog for those not familiar with it yet. This is mainly aimed at other visitors of FrOSCon who may not have heard of Geeklog yet. But there may be one or two things in it for the experienced Geeklog user.

11:15h (11:15am)

"Mine is longer than yours!" (workshop Geeklog vs. other small WebCMS) <

Comparing CMS can be a highly emotional topic on internet forums. One of the reasons is that hardly anybody really compares them but everybody has an opinion.

One reason for unreasonable comparisons could be that exposing onself to the open public on the internet is a sign of strength. Using a seemingly powerful tool for this like a blog / small WebCMS required elitist knowledge, a show off of horse power.

So how do we compare CMS? What is the reputation of Geeklog in contrast to other small WebCMS? Why do CMS inferior to Geeklog have a more popular reputation?

What are the market positions of other CMS and where is Geeklog? What is the strength of Geeklog, how can that be put into words (= claim) ?

How to communicate this?

12:30h (12:30pm)

Lunch Break

14:00h (2pm)

Panel: Any questions? / The Future of Geeklog

Here's your chance to ask the questions about Geeklog you never dared to ask: Why doesn't Geeklog do X? When will Y be implemented? Where is the project heading?

15:15h (3:15pm)

Results of the Summer of Code
(Dirk Haun)

Geeklog has been accepted for the Google Summer of Code(tm) for the first time this year. This session will give you a first glimpse at the new features and functionality implemented by our students.

16:30h (4:40pm)

BoF session

The previous sessions will probably have left some questions open: Can you show how to do X with Geeklog? How would I integrate Y with Geeklog? So we're leaving some room here for an impromptu session to address all remaining questions and issues.

17:45h (5:45pm)

There is another slot for one more session available here (or earlier, in which case we could move the BoF session to here). Want to use this slot to present a Geeklog-related topic? Contact Dirk

Note: Unless otherwise noted, all sessions will be in German. We should be able to switch to English, though, if any non-German speakers are present.

There will be a social event (start time to be announced) concluding this first day of FrOSCon 2007.