Geeklog 2 Features

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  1. Written entirely in PHP5 (though, some 3rd party libraries are not)
  2. All code is object oriented and uses many proven design patterns
  3. Geeklog 2 is now just a kernel. All real functionality is provided by plugins
  4. Support for any DBMS supported by Creole (includes MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server)
  5. Configurable Access Control Lists allow plugins to define their own security levels yet allow the kernel to do all the security checks
  6. Geeklog 2 can expose almost all functionality as a SOAP web service
  7. Uses the PEAR::HTML_Template_Flexy template engine. As a result, we are able to support complex user interfaces other than just the 2 and 3 column layouts that the Geeklog 1.3.x supports
  8. Plugins install easily using PEAR 1.4.x Channel Support.
  9. Uses the Propel Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tool allowing developers to concentrate on rich features and less on data access and persistence
  10. Improved internationalization