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POST-INSTALL PROBLEMS (common problems)

I've set up my site successfully, but get the following error message on the top:

Warning: fopen("/some/path/logs/error.log", "a") - Permission denied in /some/path/public_html/lib-common.php on line 1440

(line number may vary)


Make sure that the logs/ directory AND the files in it have permissions of at least 775. You may need to make the permissions 777 if 775 isn't working for you. For good measure, make sure the public_html/backend directory and the geeklog.rss file have the same 775 or 777 permissions.

Tip: Use the script that is located at http://yourgeeklogsite/admin/install/check.php to test if all the permissions have been set up correctly.

Whenever someone tries to log in or out, the following error is produced:

Cannot add header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr###/home/<userid>/public_html/geeklog/config.php:589) in /usr###/home/<userid>/public_html/geeklog/system/lib-sessions.php on line 133

(line numbers may vary)


Make sure that your config.php file does not contain any "whitespace" after the closing ?> at the end of the file. I.e. there should not be anything (not even blanks or empty lines) after those two characters.

If you still have problems, please do one or more of the following:

1) Go to and check out the Support section. The Support section includes a FAQ and a search system (try searching for the error message, if you get one).

2) Visit the mailing list archives at You can also subscribe to the mailing list and post your question to the Geeklog community.

3) Try the chat room at, channel #geeklog. Please have all your path information in config.php and lib-common.php readily available.

4) Try entering the text of the error message on Google. Chances are you will find someone else who had the same problem and fixed it. And sometimes searching for a specific error will cause Google to bring up broken pages that have the same error.