Installing from the Mercurial Repository

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Nightly Tarball

The easiest way to install the current development version of Geeklog is to use the Nightly Tarball. It is actually created every hour (if there were changes) and packaged like a normal Geeklog release, so you can simply download it and follow the installation instructions.

Using the Mercurial Repository

Checking out

Assuming you have Mercurial installed but don't have a developer's account, you can check out the current development version like so:

hg clone

This will create a directory named "geeklog" in the current directory.

.dist files

You need to make copies of the following three files:

cd geeklog
cp db-config.php.dist db-config.php
cp public_html/siteconfig.php.dist public_html/siteconfig.php
cp system/lib-custom.php.dist system/lib-custom.php

These files have been renamed so that you can run Geeklog off of a checked-out repository without having to deal with possible merge conflicts in those files (or, even worse, accidentally checking in db-config.php with your database password).


Geeklog requires some PEAR classes to work. You can either download a complete package or check them out from this repository. Downloading the tarball is probably the easier option:

cd geeklog/system/pear
tar xfz geeklog-pear.tar.gz

Note: These classes are normally included in the Geeklog release tarball as well as in the nightly tarball. You only need to download them when checking Geeklog out of the Mercurial repository.


Now you can proceed with the installation as usual.