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Using the Links Page

On the links page, the Top ten of all links are displayed below the categories.

If you add links, you have to fill in all fields except the category field. You can add links without a category by selecting "Other" but don't enter any text in the field provided. If you add links without a category the top ten are not displayed. Instead, the links that don't have a category are displayed.

Link Categories

When creating links, they can be applied to categories. If no categories exist, they can be created by entering a category title into the box labeled "If other, specify"

Customizing the Links Page Display

An administrator can customize several aspects of the Links page function and display by modifying the $_CONF['path']/plugins/links/config.php page. These include:

  • Whether or not users need to be logged in to view the links page
  • Whether or not to use a 'submission queue' for added links (requiring approval by an admin before being displayed)
  • Whether or not a 'New Links' section appears in the 'What's New' block
  • How long New Links remain in the 'What's New' block
  • Whether or not to provide a link to the Links page in the top menu
  • Number of columns of links sections to display (default is 3 columns)
  • Number of links displayed per section
  • Whether or not to notify the admin when links are added