Locale and Date Formats

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Variable Default Value Description
language english Name of your language file. Additional language files may be available for download at www.geeklog.net . If you translate a language file, please send it to us. Also see Localization.
locale en-gb Locale for the system
date  %A, %B %d %Y @ %I:%M %p %Z Date format used for most of the site, including story displays. See Date formats.
daytime  %m/%d %I:%M%p Date format used when a shorter date is needed. See Date formats.
shortdate  %x Date format this is the shortest date. See Date formats.
dateonly  %d-%b Short date format (day and month only), to be used e.g. in the Upcoming Events and Older Stories blocks. See Date formats.
timeonly %I:%M %p %Z Format string for the time only, to be used e.g. on the Event Details page. See Date formats.
default_charset iso-8859-1 Character encoding used by Geeklog when serving HTML pages or sending email. Only used if the language file did not already set another character encoding.

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