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Author: TomW

Latest Version: 1.0

Geeklog Version: 1.3.8

Release Date: 7-24-2003

Package Type: plugin


The NetTools plugin makes some basic network tools available in the Geeklog framework. It consists of 4 tools: Whois, NSLookup, Ping and TraceRoute. The Whois implementation is based on the GPL phpWhois 3.05. Future changes to phpWhois should be a direct drop in replacement. See (

There are five pages of interest to the user of this plugin:

  • nettools.php A general page giving access to all of the tools the user has access to.
  • whois.php Like all the tool pages it handles both input and output. If called directly it presents a form to enter in an address or domain to lookup. If called with variables it presents the result of the query.
  • nslookup.php Does a simple nslookup of an ip or domain name. As a bonus, if run on a linux server, it will also display the Mail (MX) record if it is available.
  • ping.php Pings an address or website. By default it only pings 4 times. The ping page waits until the external ping command returns, before displaying anything. (Note: unlike normal php pages a php page waiting for an external command will wait forever for command to return).
  • tracert.php Displays the route to a website or address. It behaves like the ping page since it also calls an external command.

Links: Download CVS