New Installation

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Folder/File Setup

  • First download the latest Geeklog version
  • Download the tarball into any directory.
  • move the file to your webroot
tar -zxvf geeklog*.tar.gz
  • Change into the Geeklog directory
cd geeklog-1.*
  • Copy all files to your primary directory with
cp -Rf * /home/username/public_html
  • Change the access rights in the directories:
chown -R webuser:webuser *
chmod -R 755 logs
chmod -R 755 backups
chmod -R 755 data
chmod -R 755 public_html/backend
chmod -R 755 public_html/images/articles
chmod -R 755 pulic_html/images/topics
chmod -R 755 public_html/images/userphotos/


  • Create your MySQL database, MySQL account, grant privileges to MySQL account.
  • As root create the MySQL database and access rights:
$ mysql -u root
mysql> create database geeklog_db;
mysql>grant all on geeklog.* to geeklog@localhost identified by 'yourgeeklogpassword';


  • run
  • follow the instructions
  • login to your page using default Admin/password
  • change password
  • remove directory public_html/admin/install