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The Geeklog Plugin Toolkit is set to eventually replace the aging Universal Plugin. It will contain of a set of tools to assist plugin developers in creating and maintaining their plugins.

For now, there is only one tool available: The Plugin Generator.

Plugin Generator

The Plugin Generator has to be called from the command line. For this, you need the CLI version of PHP.

cd plugin-toolkit
php plgen.php

Follow the on-screen instructions. Default values are given in square brackets and can be used by pressing enter. If you want to change a value, simply enter it and then press enter.

A plugin directory, using the name you entered, will be created in the current directory. This is a fully usable plugin, although it doesn't exactly do much yet. It does, however, perform install and uninstall and includes generic public and admin pages. Filling in the functionality is your job ...

Note: Currently the created plugin requires Geeklog 1.6 or later.