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To setup a new Poll, you have to use the Admin Feature "Polls". With the function "New Poll" you will get to a menu to set up the new Poll.

A Poll is made of a Poll ID, which is used internally to identify the poll, and should not include spaces.

Next, there is a Question which the Users will read and (hopefully) answer.

Further, there are possible answers. The maximum allowable number of answers is setup in the config.php.

You should predefine at least two answers and you can pre-set already a certain numbers of votes given to each answer. This is good in case you transfer a poll form another system. It also allows you to correct the poll later in case you think that there were some bogus votings.

You can allow or disallow comments. Depending on the setting in the config.php, users will have to be logged in to give comments or not.

Further, you can choose if you want this poll to be shown on the frontpage. If you DO NOT show a poll on the frontpage, no-one will be able to vote. Voting is only possible through the Poll Block. If this block is not shown, there is also no voting possible.