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Note: Geeklog 1.4.0 and later do not require register_globals to be "on" any more, so that part of this article is no longer relevant.

I can not login

The username & password is correct, there is no failure message but still I am not logged in?

Check the following two things:

Do you have "Register Globals OFF"? It must be ON for Geeklog. You can set this on Apache with a .htaccess-file. create an empty file in the public_html directory called ".htaccess" and put the following line into it:

php_flag register_globals on

If you have this, and still have the problem, check your cookie-settings. You have to have them enabled on your browser. Further, the cookie-domain has to match your current domain. For this, check your config.php. There is a value called $_CONF['cookiedomain'] = ....

It might be best to set it to

$_CONF['cookiedomain'] = $_SERVER["HTTP_HOST"];

so automatically the current domain is used. This is very useful if you have a copy of your geeklog site on your local PC for testing.

Otherwise set it to the domain that the user sees when accessing your site, such as "".