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Getting Started With Propel

First question many will have is what is Propel? Propel is an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) tool. It is the first such tool in PHP5 and is based on the Java ORM called Torque. In more plain English, Propel provides a slick way to persist data in PHP applications and it does this by being able to generate a set of domain objects right from the Geeklog 2 data model. This aren't just your run of the mill domain objects, however, the objects Propel generates know how to save themselves, how to delete themselves and are even transaction aware. All of this allows Geeklog 2 developers to concentrate coding the innovation that will make Geeklog 2 unique and less on SQL and database interaction.

Propel's website,, is a must-read for all Geeklog 2 developers. Understanding how Propel works and how to use the object it will produce for us is a foundational need for all our developers.

Now, before I explain how to configure and use Propel, let me make it clear that not all developers necessarily have to learn the internals of Propel in order to contribute. Only developers who wish to make database changes would need to learn how to use Propel. Now, for most developers that would automatically include them and generally I'd agree. However, I want to make it clear that you do not have to be a Propel build expert if you want to contribute to Geeklog 2.

Installation Under Windows

Installation Under Linux