Proposed Roadmap

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Roadmap (of sorts)

This is a proposed roadmap for the continued development of Geeklog following a planned and structured approach:

Proposed Schedule

New major releases of Geeklog would be made twice per year, in April and in November.

April 2010

Geeklog 1.7.0 (assuming we manage to integrate at least one of the projects from GSoC 2009 - otherwise it'll be 1.6.2)

Proposed Features

Must Have

  • Plugin Repository (i.e. support for the Plugin Repository in Geeklog itself)
  • Issues from the bugtracker scheduled for this release

Nice To Have



  • First Beta release: End of March
  • Release Candidates throughout April, as needed
    • no more changes in the database schema or themes
    • bugfixes only
    • updates to languages files and documentation as needed
  • if necessary: maintenance release within 4-8 weeks after release

November 2010

  • If we happen to get accepted for the Google Summer of Code again, strive to get at least some of the new features into this release already.