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Variable Default Value Description
site_name GeekLog Site Name of your site
site_slogan Another Nifty GeekLog Site Slogan for your site. This is added to the HTML title field.
site_mail E-mail address for all admin mail
site_url Base URL for your site (no trailing slash)
theme XSilver Default theme to use on the site
layout_url Site URL path, with layout dir and default layout Location of the default layout
path_themes /path/to/geeklog/public_html/layout/ Directory where all themes reside
path_layout /path/to/geeklog/public_html/layout/XSilver/ Path to current theme directory
allow_user_themes Can be 1 or 0 If set to 1, users can set their own theme that the site uses
allow_user_language Can be 1 or 0 If set to 1, users can select the language for the site navigation
allow_user_photo Can be 1 or 0 If set to 1, users can upload a photo to their profile
hide_author_exclusion Can be 1 or 0 If set to 1, the option to to exclude certain authors from being seen is hidden from the user's preferences.
site_enabled true A Geeklog site can be disabled quickly (e.g. for maintenance) by setting this to 'false'.
site_disabled_msg 'Geeklog Site is down. Please come back soon.' This contains the message to display when a Geeklog site is disabled. If the text begins with "http:" then visitors are redirected to that URL.
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