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This is one of the projects to be implemented during the Google Summer of Code 2009.

Student: Kittipat Virochsiri, Mentor: Tony Bibbs


Almost all content needs a way to organize content. There are a number of ways to do this but the two most basic forms are:

  • Taxonomies - a simple example of a taxonomy are the "topics" implemented in the 1.x branch of Geeklog. Taxonomies are a managed set of terms commonly used for searching and navigation. These terms are often hierarchical (think tree structures).
  • Tagging - allows for descriptive words or short phrases to be assigned to content. Unlike taxonomies, tags aren't hierarchical and they are often more flexible than taxonomies.


  • Implement a Geeklog 2 plugin that provides both a taxonomy and a tagging implementation.
  • Create the SOAP API for interacting with the plugin. Geeklog 2 already has basic support for implementing web services so this should be quite easy.
  • Allow tags to be added to tag libraries. The idea is that not all plugins in Geeklog may want to mix their tags in with other plugins.
  • Build a comprehensive and flexible search tree that will allow the traversal of related tags. For example if I looked for a tag related to "rifles" it may give me the tags "Remington 700", "Weatherby', etc.
  • Build the UI widgets that will allow plugins to integrate both taxonomies and tagging into them. This would include simple AJAX support using the Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library).

Level of Difficulty


Much of the heaving lifting here is non-visual so if you love coding but maybe aren't that great with User Interfaces, CSS, etc then this would be a great alternative.

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