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Note: The contents of this page are out of date. Please refer to the Spam-X documentation as it ships with the current version of Geeklog. Also see Dealing with Spam and Filtering Spam with Spam-X.

Spam-X Geeklog Plugin

The Geeklog Spam-X plugin was created to fight the problem of comment spam for Geeklog systems. If you are unfamiliar with comment spam you might see the Comment Spam Manifesto. The main mechanism Spam-X uses to fight comment spam is to use the blacklist created by Jay Allen and Movable type Users - MT-Blacklist. You can find out info about this project at Jay has taken it upon himself not only to write and support the plugin for movable type but also to maintain the blacklist. This requires human effort to review all the submissions and determine which are really spam and which are just noise. If you have a few extra bucks drop by Jay's website above and drop a few dollars in his paypal account to show your appreciation.

The MT-Blacklist theory is that comment spammers do it to increase their google rankings and therefore the link is all important. The MT-Blacklist therefore only filters on urls.

The MT-Blacklist is only one part of the Geeklog Spam-X plugin however. The Spam-X plugin has its own personal blacklist that you can add to. You can use it to filter anything from comments. One option is to import the Geeklog censor list and ban all comments which contain one of those words. This or an expanded list might be usefull for a website that caters to children. Then no comments with offensive language could be posted.

The Spam-X plugin was built to be expandable to easily adapt to changes the comment spammers might make. There are three types of modules admin, examin and action. A new module is contained in a file and can simply be dropped in and it will be added to the plugin. The modules with which the plugin ships are:


  • View Spam-X log
  • Update MT-Blacklist
  • Edit Personal Blacklist
  • View/Import Other Personal Blacklists
  • Configure Spam-X Modules


  • MT-Blacklist
  • Personal Blacklist


  • Delete Comment if on Blacklist
  • Mail Admin if Comment Rejected. (requires 1.3.9)

Other modules can be just dropped into place. Planned modules include:


  • Easy mass deletion of spam comments.
  • Parsing comments and automatic adding spam links.
  • Comparing MT-Blacklist and personal blacklist to eliminate duplications.


  • Other parsing of comments like making links clickable.
  • Specialized blacklists. (These are in planning stages).


  • Save comment for review.

One feature of the Spam-X plugin is the ability to share your blacklist and to view and import the Blacklists of other Spam-X plugin users. Your participation in this will help give early warning to other Spam-X plugin users. This facility will also make it possible to create special blacklists for different classes of users such as k-12 schools. The sharing of blacklists uses rss feeds to distibute the blacklists. If anyone wants to create a special blacklist I will make the server and interface scripts to facilitate this.


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