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Editable comments

  • "A comment should only be editable as long as there hasn't been a follow-up comment."
  • "There should be a time limit for how long the comment should be editable."

I think you should save up time and effort and instead simply force a "This comment was updated in X" line (BTW, I think the same should be done to stories and forum posts).

If you disagree, a compromise could be to just add update sections (the way petition sites usually provide for petitions' owners - that is, you can only add stuff and not edit stuff and it cleary says "this section was added in X").

Format of comments

There are still standing patches regarding comments which I see no reason not to apply already. For example, nested comments are hardcoded to the left (which can be so easily solved) and there really should be a line break between the "authored by" line and the comment itself. Anyway, it's all in the patches.

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